Punjab Sector

An important battle of this sector was fought in the Shakargarh area. Pakistan was holding the area with more than three divisions. I Indian Corps (54, 36, 39 Divs) launched […]

Jammu-Kashmir Sector

In Jammu & Kashmir Pakistan launched offensive on 3 December, with 107 an attack by 12 Division on Punch held by Indian 93 Brigade. Pak forces n. succeeded in occupying […]

The Eastern Front

On the Eastern front the Indian Army defeated four divisions and 30,000 para-military forces of the Pak Army in the thirteen days' war. Three corps and 101 Communication Zone Area […]



The Battle of Hilli or the Battle of Bogura was a major battle fought in the Bangladesh Liberation War. It is generally regarded as the most severe pitched battle that took place in East Pakistan, now Bangladesh. The battle […]


(4–7 December 1971) was one of the first major engagements in the western sector during the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971, fought between assaulting Pakistani forces and Indian defenders at the Indian border post of Longewala, in the Thar Desert of Rajasthan state […]

OPERATION TRIDENT- Missile attack from the Sea using innovative strategy

Operation Trident is name of the operation carried out by the Indian Navy, comprising of the first missile attack on Karachi harbour, onthe night of 04/05 Dec 1971, by Indian […]

Operation Python. Daring missile attacks from the Sea

Operation Python entails the second missile attack on Keamari oil field at Karachi was carried out by Indian Naval Ships Trishul, Talwar and Vinash on the night of 08/09 December […]

Proof of PNS Ghazi Blast

Sinking of PNS Ghazi - A Pakistani Submarine

During the war, PNS Ghazi, a Pakistani submarine,was deployed off Visakhapatnam to destroy the aircraft carrier INS Vikrant. On the night of 03 - 04 Dec 1971, while INS Rajput […]

Operation Beaver. Amphibious Landing Exemplifying Jointmanship

Operation Beaver signifies one of the major joint-amphibious operations undertaken during the war. With the Naval task force establishing total blockade in the Bay of Bengal and the Eastern Army […]

INS Khukri

Hunter-Killer Operations. INS Khukri gets hit

Pakistan’s conventional submarine, a French Daphne Class vessel, with its superior sensors and armament, deemed to be a potential threat to Indian shipping, was sighted west of Diu Head. Accordingly, […]

Operation Falcon. Search for the Pakistani Submarine

On receiving a flash message on the sinking of the Khukri, the Western Naval Command launched Operation Falcon. All available ships were sailed out to pick up survivors and to […]

Damaged caused to Pakistani Installations during the war by Indian Navy bombardment

Blockade off the Bay and Chittagong. Carrier-borne Air Operations

The Indian Navy task force comprising the aircraft carrier INS Vikrant, Indian Naval frigates Brahmaputra and Beas established a blockade off the coast of East Pakistan. Vikrant, along with its […]

Commando Operations at Mongla-Khulna Riverine Complex. Special Operations to Gain Strategic Advantage

In addition to airstrikes and the blockade, special Commando operations were mounted on the riverine port complex of Mongla, Chalna and Khulna. Indian Navy Commandos, led by Commander MN Samant, […]

PNS Ghazi

Admiral N Krishnan showing a clock recovered from PNS Ghazi to Hon President of India Shri VV Giri


Airborne assault at tangail involved airdropping a battalion group north of Tangail, the aim being the capture of the Poongali bridge on the Jamalpur-Tangail road. The main para drop operation […]

Enemy tanks destroyed in Longewala area by air attacks on 02-03 Dec.

Of the several unique air operations that took place during the December 1971 conflict, perhaps the most epoch marking was in defence of the isolated infantry post at Longewala in […]

Attacks on Kiamari Port Bulk Oil Installation at Karachi

Hunters from Jamnagar visited Karachi at 0850 hrs in the morningof 04th Dec 71, their targets being the port bulk oil installation at Kiamari. The tactical routing followed by the […]

Attack on Oil Tanks at Attock Refinery

The CsOS had laid down that the Attock Refinery near Rawalpindi was a target of military importance. Three Hunter aircraft took off from Pathankot and they struck the oil tanks […]


A special target on 07 Dec 71 was the power house attack at the Mangla Dam. Four Hunters from Pathankot attacked the power house at the eastern end of the […]


Eastern part of Bangladesh is crisscrossed by rivers and marshes, one of the most difficult terrain in the world to commute or make war. To make it worse, during the […]

Attack on Sui Gas Plant

A special mission was mounted against the SUI gas plant in northern Sind. Four hunters from the Jaisalmer carried out out a rocket attack at 1258 hrs on 14 Dec […]


This was an operation that hastened the course of events and brought the war in the east to a dramatic end for, within the span of a few minutes, it […]

Attack on Karachi Harbour

On 15th night, five Canberras attacked the Karachi harbor area including the Manora Naval establishment. The Bombers located the targets with flames, and target indicator bombs. The mission was accurate […]

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