OPERATION TRIDENT- Missile attack from the Sea using innovative strategy

Operation Trident is name of the operation carried out by the Indian Navy, comprising of the first missile attack on Karachi harbour, onthe night of 04/05 Dec 1971, by Indian Naval Ships Kiltan, Katchall, Nipat, Nirghatand Veer. In its maiden missile-boat operation after independence, the Indian Navy destroyed and sank PNS Khyber (a Pakistani destroyer), PNS Muhafiz (a coastal minesweeper) and merchant vessel MV-Venus Challenger. This operation was also a watershed in ingenuity and strategic thinking as the Indian Navy used its Aircraft Carrier INS Vikrant to tow these smaller missile boats close to the Pakistani ports. This brought the ports within the missile range of the boats - this was a move unthinkable until then.

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